In order to enable surveys on the Reward Center, each user must fill out the Peanut Labs profile. Until they do so, only offers will appear on the Reward Center.

The profile collects basic demographic information and some purchase history, but it does not collect any personally identifiable information or contact information (ie. names or email addresses). The information that we collect will always be kept 100% private and anonymous, and we will never share individual information with any third party.

Peanut Labs will use the profile information we collect in three ways:

1. To target surveys that are seeking respondents from particular demographic groups.

2. To analyze in aggregate in order to predict feasibility of delivering the desired number of users within a demographic to a particular survey.

3. To display basic aggregate data about your users on your account in the publisher dashboard. This information will never be shared with third parties, even in aggregate form.

To learn more about surveys: What is the difference between a survey, an offer, and a video?