Surveys: Surveys are the bread-and-butter of the Peanut Labs Reward Center. A user can enable surveys by filling out their profile when they visit the Reward Center, which takes just a few minutes.

To learn more about the Peanut Labs Profile: What is the Peanut Labs Profile?

Once profiled, users will be able to see surveys listed at the top of their Reward Center. We have targeted these surveys specially to each user according to his or her demographic information.  When clicked on, a survey will launch in a second browser tab and ask that the user share their opinions and experiences regarding various products and services.

Runtime: Surveys usually only run for a few days or less, so our inventory of 1000+ surveys is constantly changing. Users should check back daily for fresh opportunities to earn points.

Duration: The average survey is completed within 15 minutes or less. If a user is screened out, this usually occurs in less than 90 seconds.

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Surveys are purely for the purposes of market research and are subject to strict guidelines.  These guidelines include:

  • All surveys must be free. This is the central point of market research – the user cannot be required to issue any kind of payment to qualify for or complete a survey.
  • Surveys may only ask for contact information if it is for the purposes of research, not advertising. For instance, a user may need to submit an address to receive a free product that they will then need to review to the researcher. Such surveys are very infrequent, however, and most will not collect any personally identifiable information at all.
  • Surveys cannot share a user’s information with any third party for the purposes of advertising.
  • Surveys may not keep the information collected if the user is screened out. So, if a user doesn’t qualify to earn points, then the market researcher doesn’t get to keep any information the user submitted before getting screened out.
  • Surveys cannot double as advertisements. Surveys can only ask for users’ opinions or experiences, it cannot try to sell them on any product or service.

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Offers and Videos: Peanut Labs lists its videos and offers together on the Reward Center below surveys, and we generally categorize videos as a subset of offers. In general, offers are advertisements that users must interact with in order to earn credits. There are countless different kinds of offers, but you can see a few examples of categories below.

Free Trials: The user can sign up for a free trial of a service that usually requires a monthly payment, like a credit monitoring service or an online video streaming service. Although there is no cost to the user to get credited for these offers, they often do have to provide a credit card and will need to cancel before their free trial is over if they wish to avoid getting charged.

Videos: The user just has to watch a commercial (and occasionally answer 1-2 questions about the video) to earn free credits. Videos average about :30 in length and rarely exceed 1 minute.

CPC Campaigns: Cost-Per-Click campaigns pay the user  just for clicking on the offer link. Although payouts aren’t high (usually $0.02-$0.035), they are the fastest way to earn a few quick points.

Facebook “Likes”/Twitter Follows: The user must visit the brand or product’s Facebook page and “Like” it to become a follower or become a follower on Twitter.

Software Downloads: These are usually for video players or simple games. The user just has to download, install, and run the program on their computer to get credited.

Account Creation: The user must create a free account with valid information on the advertiser’s website. These usually are for online communities or services that are seeking to grow their member base, or coupon or rewards clubs that want to increase distribution.

CPS Campaigns: Cost-Per-Sale campaigns require users to make an outright purchase with a valid credit card to earn credits.

Information Request:  The user signs up to be contacted to receive more information about a service or product. For example, some offers let users sign up to receive quotes from insurance companies to try to lower their rates. These campaigns’ details are always clearly stated so that users understand that they will be getting follow-up emails or calls.

Please note that we are happy to work with you if there is any particular category of offer that you would prefer blocking from your site.

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