A Screenout Reward is an optional function that allows you to reward a user for participating in a survey even when they don’t qualify to complete it for the full payout. When a market research client screens out a user, they do not save the collected information and do not pay Peanut Labs. However, it’s a good idea to still give a small reward to users to encourage them to try again. If they are assured that they will get a small reward even if they don’t get the full payout, users are more likely to keep trying. It’s a great tool to create a positive user experience and keep users coming back!

You can set this up in “My Applications” and specify a certain amount of virtual currency that you want to give a user if he/she gets screened out of a survey. Peanut Labs will not pay for this currency reward, so be sure to set it at something you can afford.


To understand screenouts better, go to What are screenouts? Why do they happen?