Surveys: if a user reaches the end of a survey and answers all questions, or if they are screened out before the end of the survey, they will be redirected to a “Thank You!” page.  The “Thank You” page will tell the user how many points they will see added to their account when they close the browser tab and return to your site. If the user was screened out, there will be a short explanation about screenouts, and if you have set up a Screenout Reward, the “Thank You” page will let the user know about their reward.

After the user closes the “Thank You” page, they will be back on the page of your site where the Peanut Labs Reward Center is hosted. The survey will have disappeared from that user’s Reward Center, so the user cannot attempt it a second time.

The user can view the status of their transaction in the Transactions center in the top right of their Reward Center, where they can also create a support ticket if they have any questions.

To learn more about Screenout Rewards: What is a Screenout Reward?

To learn more about why screenouts happen: What are screenouts? Why do they happen?

Offers: after a user completes an offer, they can close the offer’s browser tab to return to the Peanut Labs Reward Center. The offer will be removed from their Reward Center so the user cannot attempt it a second time after the offer has rewarded points to the user’s account.

Sometimes offers can take up to 15 minutes to reward – some take even longer if we state this in the offer’s description. After a while, if the user has not received credit but feels they have done everything required to complete the offer, they can create a support ticket in “Transactions” at the top right corner of the Reward Center.