Screenouts occur when a user clicks on a survey and, after answering a few questions, receives a message telling them that they do not qualify to complete the survey to earn credits. The average screenout occurs in under 2 minutes, so the user doesn’t waste much time. Market researchers are banned from retaining the responses of any user who they screen out, and Peanut Labs does not receive payment.

Screenouts can occur for 3 reasons:

  1. The user doesn’t fulfill the demographics that the market researcher is looking for. Peanut Labs collects a fair amount of demographic information and targets users according to the information collected. However, sometimes a survey is looking for such a specific demographic that our profiler doesn’t cut it. For instance, a survey might be looking for answers from users who have eaten at a particular restaurant in the past 7 days. Our profiler doesn’t ask you to list all the restaurants you’ve eaten at for the past week, so they survey itself asks this. If the user doesn’t fulfill the requirements, they are screened out.
  2. The user does fulfill the demographic requirements, but the survey already has too many responses from that particular group. Say a survey is looking for 100 responses from men and 100 responses from women.  If the survey already has 100 responses from men and still needs 10 more responses from women, it will screen out male respondents until 10 more women respond and the survey closes.
  3. The user has provided inconsistent demographic information. Sometimes users aren’t entirely honest. For example, a survey might be available to users who have profiled as 35 years old. If a user who has profiled as this age clicks on the survey, and then provides a different age in the survey, he or she will get screened out.