Make the Reward Center easy to find.

After they log in, users should be able to access the Reward Center in two clicks or less. A huge part of the battle is just driving traffic, so be sure to link to the Reward Center in a high-traffic part of your site and use a clear call to action.

Contact to arrange a consultation – we’re happy to take a look at your site and recommend improvements to drive more traffic.

Consider a Points Sale.

We strongly recommend doing an occasional “sale” – a period of time when you reward more points than usual for surveys and offers. For instance, if your usual conversion rate is 100 Credits to $1, then you can temporarily change it to 200 Credits to $1 to encourage users to participate. Users love a deal, and participation goes up!

Check out What is a Points Sale? to learn more.

Monetization API

Implement our quick and easy Monetization API.

Survey Alert

One of the great examples of how the campaign summary method can be used to increase revenue is our open source Survey Alert project.

A Survey Alert notifies your users whenever they have surveys available from any section of your site. It has proven to be one of the best tools to improve revenue with Peanut Labs.

To implement the Survey Alert, check out our open source Survey Alert project:

Keep spreading the word.

Place a new call-to-action in a new part of your site to drive more traffic to the Reward Center, send out an email reminding users about Peanut Labs, keep busy on forums.  Do whatever you can to make sure your users know where to earn free points by completing fun surveys and offers!