Surveys: Payouts vary dramatically. One-question surveys can pay as little as $0.03, lengthy surveys and surveys looking for very specific demographics (“only female doctors who live in Texas and have 4 children”, for example) can sometimes pay as much as $7 per survey. However, you can expect to make roughly $1 on average for each survey one of your users completes.

Offers: The variance for offer payouts is even greater. Video and CPC (Cost Per Click) campaigns often pay just $0.03-$0.04. Offers that require simple downloads or website registrations often pay between $0.50 and $1.50. Offers that require a credit card to complete sometimes pay over $20.  All payouts are automatically calculated according to the Exchange Rate that you set up in “My Applications”.

To learn more about surveys and offers: What is the difference between a survey, an offer, and a video?