1. Complete Payment Information

First, you need to complete your payment information. If you have any questions about which options to select, please read Which payment option should I select? or reach out to an Account Manager at accountmanagers@peanutlabs.com.



2. Add Application

Next, you need to add your application. Click on “My Applications” then “Add Application” to get started. If you are planning on publishing the Peanut Labs Reward Center on multiple websites, add a different application for each website.



3. Integrate Reward Center

Now you’re ready to integrate the Peanut Labs Reward Center!  Make sure the Reward Center is easy for your users to find. Create a strong call-to-action and display it somewhere clearly visible on a high-traffic part of your site.

View the Publisher Integration Guide for instructions, and reach out to accountmanagers@peanutlabs.com if you have any problems.



Once you have gone live, check out I’ve integrated the Reward Center. How can I increase revenue? to learn about additional options to increase revenue.