Occasionally we ban a user from our Reward Center or from surveys in particular.  This can happen for a few reasons:

  1. Fraudulent activity: If an advertiser or market researcher has charged us back for transactions completed by this user, we may permanently block him/her, as well as any corresponding IPs.
  2. Inconsistent Profile Information: Occasionally we’ll ask a user to resubmit one or two bits of profile information to evaluate their response consistency. For example, a user that profiles as 23 years old one week and 42 the next may be blocked. Note that some profile information can change without consequences, as we understand that life circumstances change.  A user can change income, marital status, etc without facing a potential ban.
  3. Speeding or carelessness: Sometimes our prescreeners will ask simple questions to help us evaluate whether a user is carefully answering survey questions. Questions are usually very simple: “What color is the sky on a clear day?” with response options like “Blue”, “Green”, “Purple”, “Red”.  Users who fail these types of questions consistently may receive a temporary ban – failure to improve may result in a permanent ban.